To ensure all patients receive the safest possible blood, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) screens and processes all donated blood before it is transfused to patients. 

Blood component processing 

To optimise blood usage and to benefit more patients, every bag of donated blood is processed into different components: 

  • Red Blood Cells: used to treat severe anaemia or during surgery, childbirth 
  • Platelets: used for dengue fever, leukaemia and cancer patients 
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma: used to help manage blood clots during bleeding or infection. 

Infectious diseases testing 

All donated blood is screened for infectious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis E and syphilis. Selected components or units may also be tested for malaria or bacterial contamination. 

Blood group testing 

This ensures that the donated blood is given to a patient with a compatible blood type. 

Antibody screen 

This is to ensure that there is no high level of abnormal antibodies in the donated blood that may be harmful to a patient following a transfusion. 

Storage of blood products 

All blood products must be stored under carefully monitored and controlled temperatures and conditions. This ensures that they are in an optimal state when transfused to patients. 


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